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Half day, Introduction to Anchor Modeling description:
Anchor Modeling is an agile modeling technique particularly suited for data environments that change over time. It has been developed in a collaboration between the Swedish industry and the Dept. of Computer Science at Stockholm University. With close to ten years since the first implementations, along with awarded Open Source tools and scientific papers, the technique is now gaining world wide momentum. Anchor Modeling can be implemented in traditional relational databases and it is based on current research in entity relationship modeling, database normalization and temporal databases. The presentation will give you an introduction to Anchor Modeling, after which you will be able to create your own models, as well as two case studies from different industries.

Half day, Advanced Anchor Modeling description:
The Advanced Anchor Modeling workshop will look at and model a case inspired by a real life scenario using the free Open Source online modeling tool. Bitemporal concepts used to handle versioning and corrections of the stored information, while retaining a complete history of such changes, will be presented. It will also demonstrate how “time traveling” is possible through the use of parametrized views, making it possible to ask complex temporal questions through simple SQL, and how these queries gain excellent performance thanks to modern query optimization techniques. The workshop will also cover other advanced topics in Anchor Modeling, such as evolving models over time, design patterns, refactoring, and management of unknown values. A recent version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari is needed in order to run the modeling tool.

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