Modeler version 0.92 ready for testing

I would appreciate if you could start testing version 0.92 of the online modeling tool. This introduces features like 1-1 ties, default values, and capsules. Please note that XML files generated by 0.92 are not readable by version 0.91 or lower. XML files from 0.91 will be converted when loaded into 0.92.

Capsules define the encapsulation of a number of anchor, attributes, knots, and ties. These will appear as groupings using the schema construction in Microsoft SQL Server. The default, unless changed, is still the dbo schema. If the default is changed before loading an old XML file, all objects will get whatever capsule you have specified as a default.

Version 0.92 is available at the following link:

We will not switch ‘latest’ to point to 0.92 until we know it is stable enough for production use. There are also some more features we want to add to 0.92 before release. Even after the switch version 0.91 will be available by switching 0.92 to 0.91 in the link above.

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Lars Rönnbäck

Co-developer of the Anchor Modeling technique. Programmer of the online modeling tool. Site maintainer. Presenter and trainer.

2 thoughts on “Modeler version 0.92 ready for testing”

  1. When you generate code and copy into a text editor or Management Studio no line break appear.
    So you cannot execute the code directly, you need to do alot of formatting before executing ;-(

    1. This is unfortunately due to a browser bug, which I have not been able to reproduce. If you are able to switch to Chrome (8 or newer) or Firefox (4 or newer) or Safari (4 or newer) the problem should go away.

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