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We have updated the online modeling tool from version 0.91 to version 0.93. This incorporates the changes we made in 0.92 (an intermediate version) as well as rewritten insert and update triggers. These triggers now use pure set based operations, and should therefore be equally well suited both for OLTP and DW environments. We have also added the ability to turn of metadata completely, in case you do not need it.

Please note that once a model has been loaded into 0.92 or later the XML file format will be updated automatically and can no longer be loaded into 0.91. Back up your file from 0.91 before moving to 0.93, just in case you need to go back.

The latest version of the tool is available by clicking the “Online Modeler” menu item on this homepage, or by this direct link:

The older versions are still available through these links:

If you want to host the tool yourself, the latest version of the source can be checked out from Google Code. You can also find packages of the released versions on that page, which can be downloaded and uncompressed into a web server folder.

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Lars Rönnbäck

Co-developer of the Anchor Modeling technique. Programmer of the online modeling tool. Site maintainer. Presenter and trainer.

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