The Iceberg Demo

We created the Iceberg Exercise in order to demonstrate a business case in which all features of Anchor modeling could be showcased. It has been presented at a number of conferences, but the actual model and example data with queries had not been published online. These are now made publicly available along with an explanatory video tutorial.

The model below captures most of the requirements given in the documentation of an Iceberg Tracking and Drift Prediction System. Icebergs have attached transmitters in order to keep track of their location. Icebergs may split or merge during their lifetime and enters or exits certain geographical areas. Icebergs and transmitters have a number of attributes, some of which may change over time. The model is concurrent-reliance-temporal in order to capture concurrent, but maybe conflicting, views of an iceberg, such as sightings from passing boats.


After generating the SQL code that creates an implementation of the model, the following script for Microsoft SQL Server, used in the tutorial, can be run in order to create some example data and run some illustrative queries.

The script has been extended to show some other features as well.

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