Modeler 0.96 available for testing

We have set up a development snapshot of the modeler (v0.96) in order to make it available for testing. It can be reached by clicking the link below:

This version currently includes improvements to the graphical user interface, an abundance of descriptive tooltips, new and more perfomant rendering in the very latest browsers, and idempotency control.

Idempotency controls whether the insert and update triggers should ignore and discard any attempts to insert or update a value that is identical to the currently stored value (in changing time). Say for example that the attribute “Surname” has the value “Rönnbäck” from “2004-06-19” and that it has been marked as idempotent. Then any attempt to insert the value “Rönnbäck” with a later changing time will be silently ignored.

As such, idempotency can be of great use in systems that receive many repeated values where it also can be ensured that information arrive in changing time order. In a situation where information may arrive out of changing time order, idempotency should be avoided, since there is no way of knowing what values may come between the one you are trying to insert and the currently stored one.

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