Online Modeler Updated to 0.95

The online modeler has been updated to version 0.95, which includes the following features and fixes:


  • Full support for bitemporal modelling.
  • Latest views behave like tables thanks to insert, update, and delete triggers.
  • Restatement control for historized attributes.
  • Searching in models.
  • Optionally hidden mnemonics for less cluttering.
  • Optionally hidden attributes using implode/explode on models or parts of a model.
  • Metadata is now optional.
  • Improved layout for smaller screens.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Editing window can be closed by pressing ‘Return’.
  • First field in the editing window automatically gets focus.
  • Public models can be shared using a simple URL.
  • Twitter integration for public models.
  • Models can now be deleted from the cloud.
  • Models can now have a description.
  • Improved model browser for the cloud.
  • Straight edges can be set to improve performance on older hardware.
  • Capsules (schema owner) can be specified.


  • Added checks for mnemonic uniqueness.
  • Fixed the issue where historized ties could get an uneditable time range.
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts from being active in all editable fields.
  • Fixed CR+LF problem in the generated SQL.
  • Ties will now always have an identifier.
  • Reduced the number of string objects created by the modeller.
  • Fixed bug where cardinalities were not shown in the SVG output.
  • Fixed missing items in the generated HTML documentation.
  • Changed the z-index of menus so they overlap gracefully.
  • Refactored global variables that were just global because of laziness.
  • Rewrote the delete operation, so that it will no longer go berserk.
  • Fixed mouse wheel zooming on Macs.
  • Fixed bug in imploded edges.
  • Fixed the issue where only 20 items from the cloud would be returned.
  • Removed recording time from knots.
  • Improved security in the cloud connection.
  • Fixed the isEmpty function for boolean values.
  • Fixed bug with empty WHERE clause for 1-1 ties.
  • Fixed select all (Ctrl+A) in the generated code window.
  • Fixed bug where default capsule would not affect new items.
  • Fixed bug where default identity would not affect new anchors.

IMPORTANT: The XML may be updated such that it is no longer backwards compatible. Please save and keep a copy of your model XML before migrating to a newer version, in case you need to go back. The old versions can be found by clicking here.

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Lars Rönnbäck

Co-developer of the Anchor Modeling technique. Programmer of the online modeling tool. Site maintainer. Presenter and trainer.

One thought on “Online Modeler Updated to 0.95”

  1. There is a bug in the restatement constraint for bitemporal models, which renders it useless. When the constraint is declared the last parameter sent to the function doing the check is the RecordedAt value, but it should be the ErasedAt value. This will be fixed in the next (0.96) version.

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