PostgreSQL 12 and Editing en masse

Thanks to the great work of Juan-José van der Linden, a fresh PostgreSQL generator is taking form in the test version. He also added data type conversions between the available target databases and lists with suggested datatypes that simplify entering types in the interface. Before this work was added we decided to release version, so that it will remain stable. This minor version, albeit while in test, has been used in production for quite some time at our clients.

PostgreSQL generation in the test version.

On top of that we have also modularized the code, fixed a few bugs, and implemented some long standing pull requests. A so far rather rudimentary, but useful, editor has been added. This allows editing of an anchor and all of its attributes in the same view. Bring it up by pressing Shift+E on your keyboard while hovering over the desired anchor.

Editing en masse with some newly created attributes.

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