Schema Evolution

The online modeling tool has been extended with new functionality that keeps a history of how the anchor schema has evolved over time. In Anchor Modeling all previous schemas are available as subsets of the current schema. Now, using this new functionality all previous schemas are also accessible through the _Schema table. On top of this table four views have been added that shred the XML of the schema into rows and columns: _Knot, _Anchor, _Attribute, and _Tie, through which details about the tables can be followed over time. A utility function, _Evolution(@timepoint), that compares the tables in the current database with the schema that was in effect at the given @timepoint is also available. To see this in action, please watch our new tutorial available in our Tutorials section, or by clicking here.

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Lars Rönnbäck

Co-developer of the Anchor Modeling technique. Programmer of the online modeling tool. Site maintainer. Presenter and trainer.

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