v0.97 updated in test

We have updated the test version to revision 480, in which you can begin to test the concurrent-reliance-temporal implementation for attributes. Ties will follow in a later test version. (Update October 9th: we are almost there now!). The following fixes and additional features have been made or added since the last test version (r453).

  • r480
    Corrected information in about.html. Now pushing to test.
  • r479
    Adding tie insert and update triggers. Fixing some issues with the generated CRT SQL. Really fixed the zeroing velocity bug this time. Pushing this to test.
  • r478
    Zeroing velocity when stopping nodes, yielding a slight performance tweak and better layout.
  • r477
    Stabilizing generated CRT code. Now executes without error. Triggers on ties are still not done.
  • r476
    Continuing work on CRT sisula templates. Tie rewinders done. Perspectives started.
  • r475
    Continuing work on CRT.
  • r474
    Added tie restatement constraints.
  • r473
    Fixed SQL generation bugs. CRT code now executed without errors.
  • r472
    Continuing work on CRT.
  • r471
    Starting work on triggers in CRT. Broken generation now.
  • r470
    Better index alignment.
  • r469
    Updated about.html. Pushing to test (again).
  • r468
    Added default positor (=0) and _Positor table for holding all positors.
    Rewrote latest perspectives to become views again, using the positors table to
    determine which positors are available.
    Changed partitioning to be based on positors, and made it work.
    Cleaned up sisula files and moved defaultCapsule to NamingConvention.js.
    Fixed bug that only made unix files work in sisula, due to CRLF handling.
    Fixed bug in partitioning.
  • r467
    Updated about.html with revision number. Pushing to test.
  • r466
    Table elimination is now in effect for CRT, but still untested whether results are the same as with the previous logic. If no temporalization is present in the XML, default will now be whatever is specified in the Defaults.
  • r465
    Added (generated) date and time metadata attributes to the XML.
  • r464
    Fixed the bug with Defaults overwriting settings for ties and anchors as well.
  • r463
    Fixed bug where Default setting of restatements and idempotency would overwrite anything explicitly specified in a loaded XML file.
    Pushing this release to test, since this bug was affecting some users.
  • r462
    Trying various approaches for table elimination.
  • r461
    Added a GenerateDropScript procedure in the Schema Tracking sisula. Trying to get table elimination for CRT to work. Changed granularity of the changing time in the example model.
  • r460
    Fixed bug in key generation SP (only one key could be generated). Added extra null checking and defaults in the insert trigger. Continuing work on CRT.
  • r459
    Continuing work on Concurrent-Reliance-Temporal (CRT) Modeling. Reverted the temporal PK change. Added attribute rewinders. Changed the restatement constraint to make use of rewinders.
  • r458
    Added restatement constraint for attributes. Fixed temporal primary key (entity integrity).
  • r457
    Added assembled views for attributes in the CRT generation.
  • r456
    Starting work on concurrent-reliance-temporal modeling. Knot, anchor, and attribute tables are created correctly.
  • r455
    Forgot to change VERSION to 0.97.
  • r454
    Fixed typo in transformToFragment.

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